2 Euro Circulation coins from Estonia over all mintage years

1 different 2 Euro Circulation coins was made in Estonia. The mintage over all is: 11 710 300 coins. The actual average market value over all coins is 8 Euro. Prices are between 1 Euro and 148 Euro over all coins made - depending on quality and status.
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Minted Euro coins from Estonia

The 2 Euro Circulation coins from Estonia are sortec by mintage years.

2 Euro Circulation coin 2011-2019:

Picture side: 2 Euro 2011 Estonia


The circulation coin minted in Estonia 2011-2019 has a value of 2 Euro. The diameter of this coin is 25,75mm and the weight is 8,50g. The coin was made from material ring: Coppernickel (75% cu, 25% ni) kern: nickel-m. Prices for this 2 Euro coin are around 1-148 Euro (Ø8€) depending on mint year, coin state and mint place. In average monthly are 86 coins sold (Mint state: 26 -> Ø 4 € / Worn: 0 -> Ø 2 €). Mintage for this coin: 11'710'300. Motiv: Text picture side: 2011 EESTI Text value side: 2 EURO LL. Design: Picture side: L. Lõhmus Value side: Luc Luycx .


Year / MarkMintagePPMinted in
2011 -11'131'8003'500
2011 Set50'000-

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