Coins and their value

Have you ever wonder if what’s the value of the coins you have inside your pocket or collection safety boxes that you’ve inherited from your great grandparents or possibly from that collection store you have bought it?

Coins are valuable

Coins are one of the most valued collections of some people in different places around the world nowadays. It may shaped differently, portrays not the same history, comes in different face values and currencies, may be gold, silver or made in other metals but still it is use for the same purpose which is to trade in exchange of goods, services and any other transaction since the ancient times until today. People collects because it gives them the kind of happiness to see their own collection.

Even though coins are commonly used as change for banknotes, time will come that it will be demonetized by the countries Central Banks. In this case, demonetized coins can be very rare to find in the long run depending on the coin mintage. People tend to keep old coins as memorabilia or fantasizing that someday it will be valued more as its face value. The more collection of coins you have the more possibilities of making good money.

Searching values

For the benefit of my beloved users, this page is mainly for searching coin values. Its mission is to help users find the accurate price for their coin. The search result from the database are actual prices sold at an online auction, online shops per coin. Prices depends on the quality or grade of a coin, metal components or materials used, mintage, history, year, sizes, rarity and preferences of every person. Prepared searches and suggestions are available for the user’s convenience. In doing the search, make sure to type the accurate coin information to get better results and use the filters according to your preference. Users are encourage to leave a message by the notification button using especially when something went wrong with their searches.


In addition to table results, price lists and information, charts are provided as well to see the development history of every coins value. Charts are classified as the following:
  • Average auction price per mint year = is the average price of a coin sold in an auction sale for every mint year.
  • Average shop price per mint year = is the average cost of a coin sold over an online shop contained in each mint year.
  • Price sold history per year = charts that indicates how much coins are sold per year.
  • Sold coins history per year = particular coins sold each year
  • Average price per sizes and currencies = charts that shows the average price in different sizes like ounces, Dollar, CHF, Euro and so on.
  • Average price per material used = development of prices in every coins made of different materials, can be silver, gold, nickel, copper and many more.
  • Average auction price per quality = based on actual cost of highest bids won by buyers in an auction.
  • Average shop price per quality =representation that visualize the progress of definite average price of each coin from reputable online shops.
  • Average price of item sold per country = is the illustration of average prices based on where the item has been sold.
  • Amount of sold per mint year = most applicable to commemorative coins, Lunar series, special mintage of coins.
  • Amounts of item sold per price range = coins that are sold according to price ranges.
Guys, this website is the answer to the undying questions inside your mind. Now what are you waiting, take out those precious coins and start searching

Washington Quarter coin

Kaiserreich Münze 20 Mark 1878 Gold