2016-09-01First versionFirst simple search version created
2016-09-04Search filtersSearch filters like Size, Material and so on are working now
2016-09-11Search extendedSearch is able to handle - " and so on now
2016-09-15HelpFirst version help created
2016-09-17Version OnlineA first draft version is now online
2016-09-21Search improvedIt is possible now to use or - and so on and the program try to improve certain points like 1/2 oz to use as "1/2 Oz" to find 0,5 Ounce too.
2016-10-04ImprovementsSearch improved - Filter stop words and optimizations
Layout added Split Type
Data tests improved -> data improved
Shop prices for Vreneli added
Help improved
Dialogs improved
Feedback added
2016-11-01www.MuenzenWert.deOur domain www.MuenzenWert.de is now online.
We changed the layout and added some elements.
Data test and structures improved.
Some Shops added.
Dialogs improved.
Help improved.
Pictures added to search.
We added some help if the search has no result, it should be possible now to see how to improve search.
New charts: Price areas, Price history.
Social elements.
New Pages: Value tables, most expensive coins.
English userinterface improved.