Coin catalog: Germany, Austria and Switzerland

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Time period: 1800-2001

  Coin catalog Emblem Federal Republik of Germany since 1945   Coin catalog Emblem Republic Austria   Coin catalog Emblem Switzerland
This coin catalog has coins from Germany, Austria and Switzerland and has informations about actual value, material, form, diameter and so on.

Prices and values in this coin catalog

We calcualte prices for the coin catalog over auctions like eBay©, Ricardo© or Hood©. To complete prices we use prices from around 150 resellers / shops in addition to the auction prices.

Actual we have 36.303.891 prices from sold coins saved and they are ready for your searches and information.
Last 7 days we added 0 sold coins (0 per day)

We try always to improve the data here, last 7 days we changed or added 0 coins for you.

Coin Catalog: Overview Germany, Austria and Switzerland

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