Coin catalog: Coins from Austria

Overview time periods and coins Austria

  Münzkatalog Wappen der Republik Österreich   Fahne der Republik Österreich

Coins Austria

  • Euro
  • Value side: 1 Euro 2002 Austria Picture side: 1 Euro 2002 Austria

Mint marks

MarkMint placeTime period
AViennaAustrian Empire
BKremnitz / KremnicaAustrian Empire
EKarlsbourg / KarlsburgAustrian Empire

Area and location Austria

Location of Republic Austria   Map of the states Austria

Data Republic Austria

Capital cityWien
System of government Federal Republic
RegierungssystemParliamentary democracy
Head of stateFederal President
Head of governmentFederal Chancellor
Population8.699.730 (2016)
Surface area83.878 km²


The currency from Austria developed from Krone, Thaler and Gulden over Schilling to Euros.

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