The Chinese Panda - China the land of black and white cuddly bears

Bullion coin Panda China 1Oz silver Front

Issue of the coin by Peoples Bank China

After more and more states celebrated success with their gold coins, the Peoples Bank of the Peoples Republic of China also decided on a bullion Coin - the Panda - to surrender. The motive was the cute black and white panda bear from Chinas forests. He has been decorating since the first edition 1982 with different motives this Chinese investment coin from 999 fine gold. On the other side of the coin is the world-famous Temple of Heaven.

The gold Panda

The Chinese gold panda also bore no par value, following the example of the Krugerrands. These were added only in 1983 and changed again in 2003 Currency. But the imprinted value of these coins is rather secondary, as they are usually traded on the gold price plus the initial charge. The gold value of this gold coin is well above the nominal value.
As mentioned, the coin shows on one side an annually changing panda motif. On the other hand, the temple is the same on the other side Tomb of Heavenly Peace pictured. On the front, the coin carries the denomination and the gold content, on the back the embossed year. The edge of the coin is not inscribed.

The silver panda

Since 1983, the coin is also available in a silver version as well as single pieces made of platinum. Very occasionally one also finds coins Copper and single bi-metal imprints of gold and silver.
Initially, the Gold Panda was offered in one denomination of one ounce, one half ounce, one quarter ounce and one tenth ounce, later, one-twentieth ounce was added. The version of the one ounce pandas was also offered in collector-quality proof.

Bullion coin Panda China 1Oz silver back side

Issues of coins

From time to time gold coins are also offered in a 12 (in words twelve) ounce version. So to speak, a kilo of gold, beautifully shaped. On special occasions, a gram, five ounces or even 5 pounds of gold panda are offered. The Chinese gold panda is so in a variety of sizes and materials available.
All coins are delivered sealed in foil, because the gold is very soft and delicate due to the very high fineness.
Primarily, the Chinese Gold Panda Coin is made for investors. In the years 1986 to 1996, there were also special issues for Collectors in which the punches and rounds were polished to a high gloss to make the coins in the collector-quality polished plate / proof These coins were delivered encapsulated. To immediately recognize these coins in their high-quality proof execution, wear a P-Mintmark. These gold coins & nbsp; achieve highest collector values But even here, caution is advised, at online auctions like Ebay are from like Gold Pandas from 1999 as proof / polished Plate coins offered since these were encapsulated. These are, however, selected stamped coins without any special value.

China Panda prices / courses of embossed years

Over our coin search you can evaluate the current prices / values of the Panda series.

In the table below you can see the average prices of the Chinese Panda in silver at 1 Oz.

Panda coin in silver and 1 Oz values per mint year

Abmessungen der Münzen

Dimensions Panda series


Mintage of the Panda series

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