2 Euro Coin 2022 Germany Thüringen: Wartburg

Picture side: 2 Euro memorial coin 2022 Germany Value side: 2 Euro memorial coin 2022 Germany

Coin classification: 2 Euro 2022 Germany

Coin data

Nominal amount2
Mintage time periodOnly 2022 minted in this version
CountryEuro (DE)
Country periodEuro Memorial coins
Coin typeCommemorative Coin
Prices2 - 4 Euro (Ø 3 €) depending on quality grade, mint year and so on See price table
Other versionsFrom 2006 to 2022 24 versions from this coin was minted   Show versions from this coin
Mintage reasonThüringen: Wartburg
AssignmentBundesländerserie   Show coins: Bundesländerserie
eBay2 Euro 2022 oder 2 Euro Thüringen: Wartburg bei eBay suchen.


Size25,75 mm
Thickness2,20 mm
Weight8,50 Gramm


Ring: Kupfernickel (75% Cu, 25% Ni) Kern: Nickel-M
Troy weight0 g
Material value0 Euro


Text picture side: 2022
Text value side: 2 EURO LL
DesignPicture side: ?
Value side: Luc Luycx
AlignmentBoth sides are in same direction at this coin
Valid / usable till0000-00-00

Note / other informations

The Wartburg is a castle originally built in the Middle Ages. It is situated on a precipice of 410 meters (1,350 ft) to the southwest of and overlooking the town of Eisenach, in the state of Thuringia, Germany. In 1999, UNESCO added Wartburg Castle to the World Heritage List. It was the home of St. Elisabeth of Hungary, the place where Martin Luther translated the New Testament of the Bible into German, the site of the Wartburg festival of 1817 and the supposed setting for the possibly legendary Sängerkrieg. It was an important inspiration for Ludwig II when he decided to build Neuschwanstein Castle.
Date of issue:

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Coin: 2 Euro 2022 Germany

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2 Euro 2022 oder 2 Euro Thüringen: Wartburg bei eBay suchen.

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Year / MarkMintagePPMinted in
2022 -existentexistent

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Sold coins from this coin including date and price

Sale text (3 Results - Average price: 3.33)Mint YearPriceDate
FRG 2 Euro Thüringen Wartburg mit Emaile + verg. + CAO NA 4 2018-11-18
2 Euro Farbcoin Germany Thüringen NA 4 2018-03-04
Münze-FRG 2 Euro-Thüringen-vergoldet und farblit. in Kapsel 8H8936 NA 2 2017-12-10

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