20 Euro Memorial coins from Latvia over all mintage years

1 different 20 Euro Memorial coins was made in Latvia. The mintage over all is: 4 000 coins. The actual average market value over all coins is 312 Euro. Prices are between 201 Euro and 352 Euro over all coins made - depending on quality and status.
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Minted Euro coins from Latvia

The 20 Euro Memorial coins from Latvia are sortec by mintage years.

20 Euro Memorial coin 2017: Horseshoe Fibula

Picture side: 20 Euro 2017 Latvia Value side: 20 Euro 2017 Latvia


The 20 Euro Memorial coin from Latvia was made in this year 2017. The diameter of this coin is 21.00mm and the weight is 6.00g. The coin was made from material gold. Prices for this 20 Euro coin are around 201-352 Euro (Ø312€) depending on mint place, mint year and coin state. Around 1 coins are sold every month, there are 1 (Ø 309 €) in mint state and 0 (Ø 0 €) worn sold coins. Mintage for this coin: 4'000. Motiv: Text picture side: #Latvija #pakavsakta #8_12gs 20 euro #2017. Design: Picture side: Ingūna Elere Value side: Ingūna Elere . Gold Brooches. The Horseshoe Fibula


Year / MarkMintagePPMinted in
2017 --4'000

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