20 Euro Memorial coins 2020 over all countries

1 different coins was made in 2020 from 1 different countries. The mintage over all coins is: 200 000 coins. The actual average market value over all coins is 73 Euro. Prices are between 71 Euro und 74 Euro over all coins made - depending on quality and status.
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Minted Euro coins from 2020

The 20 Euro Memorial coins from 2020 are sorted alphabetically over the countries.

20 Euro Memorial coin 2020: Birds - White stork

Picture side: 20 Euro 2020 Germany Value side: 20 Euro 2020 Germany


The 20 Euro Memorial coin from Germany FRG was made 2020. The diameter of this coin is 17.5mm and the weight is 3.89g. The coin was made from material gold. Prices for this 20 Euro coin are around 71-74 Euro (Ø73€) depending on mint year, coin state and mint place. In average monthly are 1 coins sold (Mint state: 1 -> Ø 73 € / Worn: 0 -> Ø 0 €). Mintage for this coin: 200'000. Motiv: Text picture side: BUNDESREPUBLIK DEUTSCHLAND 2020 A 20 EURO Text value side: WEISSSTORCH, XY Picture white stork in the middle . Price of issue:
Date of issue: 2020


Year / MarkMintagePPMinted in
2020 A-40'000Berlin, Germany
2020 D-40'000Munich, Germany
2020 F-40'000Stuttgart, Germany
2020 F-40'000Stuttgart, Germany
2020 J-40'000Hamburg, Germany

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